The Mooch – 10 Days of Fame

Unlike most, I am a big fan of Anthony Scaramucci.  In a short period of time (over his career), he has amassed a fortune and developed a premier fund management firm in an industry where few succeed.  His self-driven success story is infectious as were the SALT conference bonanzas that he threw in Las Vegas to celebrate and promote the fund industry.  I wasnt necessarily attracted to the glitz, but I was impressed with the value creation for his investors (and his business) while also touting fund management when Main Street, USA was looking for heads (think 2009).

On the other hand, in a shortER period of time (over his career…in the White House), “The Mooch,” as he is also called, was appointed and subsequently removed as the White House Communications Director within 10 days.  Its a shame.  I thought Scaramucci would be brash and fit the mold of Trump, but would more importantly strengthen the relationship between the press and the Trump Administration and help improve the overall policy dialogue from the Executive Branch.  But maybe John Kelly, the new Chief of Staff to President Trump will be the change agent that I sought in Scaramucci…I mean, he did fire the guy.  Anyways, the saga continues…



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