Heavy Heart

Its been a bit since my last post and it stinks that my return is on the back of extremist white nationalism in Charlottesville, Virginia and elsewhere.  It really is sad that events like these still generate broad support; particularly when our country is the home of the brave and land of the free.  My wife and I were in Las Vegas for the weekend celebrating our wedding anniversary and constantly were reminded, through colorful outfits, piercings, and language, how different we all are…and that’s great!  It is great that we are in a country that allows us to express our beliefs, views, feelings and preferences in non-violent forms.  So much so that the diversity is celebrated.  But then we have others who believe that this diversity is cancerous, that white straight people are supreme and that those that do not agree with that line of thinking should be subjected to isolation or even worse, violence.  That is disgusting, reprehensible and embarrassing.  Further, it is even more embarrassing that the leader of this grand country, President Donald J. Trump, has shown no energy, strength or emphasis in uniting our people (see immigration policies, Obamacare, etc.).   Instead our great leader simply used more bullying tactics this morning in response to Merck CEO Ken Frazier’s (an African-American male) resignation from a presidential council BECAUSE, Mr. Frazier feels the President and his administration is wholly intolerant when it comes to race, diversity and broader equality.  Why dont you engage Mr. Frazier, Mr. President and use his actions as a way to start a discussion about uniting versus bullying and dividing?  It is sad.  Very sad and leaves me with a heavy heart.  I hope that my children can see less incidents like this weekend’s as they grow older, but who knows.  I feel as though no matter how many steps forward this country takes, there still remains a large segment of this population that is looking to reverse course.  Nonetheless, I remain hopeful in our President and our country and will continue to work with my friends, peers, colleagues and those with different views to take more steps….no matter the ends, that it is the right means.

PS – May God bless you, Ms. Heather Heyer.

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